Post demonetisation, the Bank CD Ratio improved. Presently the CD Ratio of the Bank as a whole is 60% (approx) which is a healthy phenomenon.

The Board has framed its Credit Policy in tune to the Guidelines issued by the R.B.I

The Bank is lending its funds for various productive purposes to help the needy.

Bank is extending Loans & Advances towards

a) Activities allied to Agriculture

b) Small Scale Industries

c) Road Transport Operators

d) Professional & Self employed persons

e) Retail Trade

f) Small Business Enterprises

g) Housing

h) Education

i) Software

Our Interest Rates on Loans & Advances at a Glance

I) Small Scale Industries

(i) Term Loan 14.00 % p.a

(ii) Working Capital 14.50 % p.a

II) Housing 11.50 % p.a

III)Business Development

(i) Upto 25.00 lakhs 14.00 % p.a

(ii) Above 25.00 lakhs and Upto 1.00 crore 13.00 % p.a

(iii) Above 1.00 crore 12.00 % p.a

IV)Vehicle Loan [Four Wheeler]

(i) Purchase of New Car 12.00 % p.a

(ii) Purchase of Second Hand Car (Not more than 5 years old from the date of Manufacturing) All Cadres 13.00 % p.a

V) Gold Loans
(i) Normal 13.50 % p.a

(ii) Commercial 15.50 % p.a

VI) Other Loans

< Rs.1.00 Lakh 14.50 % p.a

< Rs.1.00 Lakh & above 15.50 %p.a

Penal Interest @3%p.a on overdue amount & for non fulfillment of Borrowing Covenants

VII) Repairs/additions/alterations to their dwelling units to Rs.2.00lakh in rural and semi urban areas and Rs.5.00 lakhs in urban areas Interest@ 12%p.a

VIII) Unsecured Loans to Shop Keepers 14.50%p.a

IX) Group Loans 14%p.a